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Glad you asked, fdphysics is a 2d shooting showdown, where you and another player battle it out (with guns) to see who is victorious. With physics, lots of it. You can change physics to your liking, like movement speed, gravity, jump height and more.

Features of

Here are some of the features of fdphysics:
--- AI Modes --- Play with 4 different AI modes to test your skills. Play with the easy AI if you want absolutely no challenge at all or want to test something out. Play with the Normal AI if you are starting out. Play with the hard AI to get a challenge. Play with the impossible AI to never win in physimatches. The impossible AI has faster special attack charges, more health, gets less damage from bullets and more. --- 3 modes to play --- Play in 3 different game modes. Deathmatch, Damagematch and Physimatch. Deathmatch sees who gets the most kills. Damagematch sees who delt the most damage. Physimatch counts everything, jumps, shoots, special attack uses, etc.
--- Physics --- Change the physics of the game to play how you want to! Change movement speed, bullet speed, gravity or much more. Make the game more fun, give yourself a challenge, or make the game unplayable, it's all there.
--- 10 Maps and 20 Guns --- Play on 10 different maps to test your skills! From classics like "Might Be a Castle" to new ones like "Not Sure if this is a Boat", you will have fun on every stage. But beware, seagulls might try and kill you on some stages! On each map, there are 4 guns, 20 guns in total. From the tried and true Machine Gun or to the nominee of "Why did they make this?" the Killer Seagull gun, you will find the gun that you will like, and use it.
--- Charge your special attack! --- Charge your special attack to get an upgrade to your gun for 10 second. Whether it is 3x reload or 3x bullets, it'll be sure to give you an edge.
--- Support for many gamepads ---
Play with all the gamepads that have a dpad, 2 trigger buttons, 2 joysticks and 4 face buttons. All gamepads that Windows 10 supports natively will work. Fdphysics automatically maps the controllers to each player, so no need to restart your computer when you have a controller on a different player other than 1.
Only Xbox controllers were tested, but PlayStation controllers do work.

--- Extra Features --- Seagulls
Easy controls, only 7 buttons (keyboard) to move, jump, charge special attack, equip and shoot. And only 4 buttons to charge special attack, equip, shoot and jump, with the left joystick to move.
Some more seagulls
Takes 10-20 seconds to get into a match, no need to waste time by clicking buttons forever on the menu
A help button, for those that need help in the game
A helpful little thing in the pause menu to see what controllers are plugged in
A pause menu
Full controller support, no need to use the mouse (unless leaving the game)
Lots of sfx
A credits button, see the one person that made this game, and the lovely people that tested it
A play button so you can play the game

Not convinced? There is a demo so you can play the game with the hard AI on the original map to test out the game.
If you want to contribute to the game by giving ideas, then you can check out the Poly LLC discord server, and also get the game for free if you do have some good ideas!

All these features plus the fact that there will be updates to this game! There are already at least 5 more updates planned in the next 12 months, and some more soon. Here is a list of some of them
Online Play, with a private server app, for wan parties and those that want to use it
Level Editor, use blocks from the original map and make your own map out of it!
Gunpedia, read about each gun, the origins, the damage, the effects, the whole package.
10 more maps, already planned
XP and leveling up to show that you are better than your friends
Poly Site integration, use Poly Messaging right in fdphysics
20 more guns to go alongside the 10 maps
Plus some more, I'm willing to listen to anyone's ideas for updates :)

Devlog of

September of 2018 - fdphysics developement was started
Early October of 2018 - first playable version of fdphysics
October of 2018 - fdphysics menu was created
November of 2018 - fdphysics maps were planned and created
December of 2018 - fdphysics music was created
30th of December of 2018 - fdphysics was released on itch.io
31st of December of 2018 - fdphysics was released on GameJolt

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